Dutch Tool Chest

Here are some photos and commentary about my experience with building a Dutch tool chest. I’m currently an apartment woodworker. So, I needed something with enough storage space yet with a small footprint.


The above photo shows the completed tails for the bottom and the dados for the shelves. The dados were cut by first cutting saw kerfs using the carcass saw shown, then the majority of the wood was removed with a chisel, and finally each dado was cleaned up using a router plane.

Below are a couple photos of my mediocre dovetails. They’re really not the best dovetails that I’ve cut by hand.

Here are a few photos of the assembled chest before painting.

The slot on the back left in the photo below will be used to store my rip saw.


Finally here are few photos of the finished chest.

Overall, the chest wasn’t too difficult to build. At least I now have a way to better organize and store my tools. For the most part I followed Christopher Schwarz’s plans for the chest.